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I Get To….

Its My Time
Its My Time


So I have been away for a few days. I have been doing or trying to do my elliptical. It seems the older I get the more the cold weather tackles me to the ground. My body hurts and aches from the cold. I am glad to live in the south. Summer can’t get here fast enough for me. I may not be going to the gym regularly but I am trying to kick the sugar addiction and use the elliptical. Not to mention I am on my feet a lot at work.

I try to keep a positive attitude on everything I can. Facing my own mortality is kind of hard. I am a realist. I know and accept many things. Facing so many issues with family and friends wanting to make sure I am here for a long time for my children and grandchildren.

So I will take control of as much of my own health that I can. It is time for me to kick the downer thoughts to the curb. I have a saying in my office, “I get to!” This statement means a great deal to me. I means I am glad “I get to” not “I have to”. Basically I am Blessed that I get to do everything I do.

Sorry if I am rambling. But hey, “I get to”.