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So I have this on. My desktop to help remind me. I also have in my office a sign that says 10lbs, my first goal. But to. Catch up with what is happening, I am sore from the leg workout. So I took yesterday and today off as a break. I have started back to work and this is when it will get hard for me. Getting up early is hard. And getting off work at 5:30 doesn’t give a lot of time for me. Just seems there isn’t enough time in the day. I was thinking about trying to come up with a schedule. Does anyone else have this issue?

Let me know how you juggle your schedule.

Here we go again…TOGETHER!

TogetherFanny firmerMy Best Friend

So tonight I worked on my legs. Or as I call it “Thunder Thighs”. I have always been stocky. But I am lucky to have the support and encouragement from my husband and best friend. He definitely knows how to help me out and he knows when to be quiet. 😊 Does anyone else have a person that helps motivate you?

Cardio? Like it or not?


So it has begun. Not very fast or long but last night I hit the elliptical. After 3 minutes you realize how out of shape you are. Hopefully tonight I can go for 5 minutes. I am sure you are laughing but I am taking baby steps. I really enjoy being able to walk the next day. Cardio has never been my thing.  Eating better has started today. Hopefully I can make it last. I keep being told it takes 21 days for things to become a habit…. We will see. What is some of your experiences with cardio?